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10 Best Restaurants in Commerce MI

Chosen by a local and self-proclaimed 'foodie'

best restaurants in Commerce MI
Benstein Grille in Commerce, MI

You probably came across this list of the top 10 restaurants in Commerce MI because you were poking around TripAdvisor & Yelp and smartly decided you wanted the opinion of an actual human being rather than a data aggregator... Websites, after all, can't taste food or experience an ambiance!

My name is Erik and I'm a Real Estate Agent in Commerce, life-long local and self-proclaimed 'foodie'. Going out to eat and testing new restaurants with friends & family is one of my (many) guilty pleasures. So, I decided to share my version of my favorite dining spots in Commerce.

food·ie / ˈfo͞odē/ a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet. "he is an avid foodie and successful restaurateur"

A Little More Upscale

Best commerce mi restaurants
The Lakes Bar & Grill in Commerce, MI

1. The Lakes Bar & Grill

Don't let The Lakes Bar & Grill's location in a little strip mall fool you. The super quaint and comfortable interior matches the stellar seafood and wine offerings. It's the perfect place to meet friends or family for lunch if you're looking for something nicer than your run-of-the-mill bar.

Promising review on Facebook:

"One of my favorite places to eat. Great food, very good servers and a real Spanish coffee to finish the day. Highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed." -Brian P.

Visit The Lakes Bar & Grill:

2528 Union Lake Rd, Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48382

(248) 366-3311 | Website

2. It's A Matter of Taste

With perhaps my favorite menu of all the restaurants in Commerce, It's A Matter of Taste's atmosphere, service and unrestricted views of beautiful Union Lake really set it apart. You won't find a better location for date night, a birthday celebration, or even just a casual lunch.

It's A Matter of Taste serves upscale Italian and American cuisine and their bartenders make a mean Manhattan. Thumbs up in my book!

Promising review on Google:

"Enjoyed dinner on the open-air patio with friends. Everyone dishes tasted great. It was an amazing evening to be looking at the water while we had our meal ... our server and did an excellent job. We will be back." - Ken H.

Visit It's A Matter of Taste:

2323 Union Lake Rd, Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48382

(248) 360-6650 | Website

3. Benstein Grille

Due to it's location on the outskirts of Commerce and relative "newness", I think Benstein Grill is off the radar for many locals. But, you'll love its traditional American fare and cocktails. It has a similar feel to many of the new restaurants that we're seeing pop up in Troy on Big Beaver. Definitely worth a try!

Promising review on Yelp:

"The food was great, the staff was friendly, the service was fast; we had a genuinely great experience and have continued to come back for more. Highly recommend and haven't found a negative item on the menu." -Eric S.

Visit Benstein Grille:

2435 Benstein Rd, Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48390

(248) 624-4100 | Website

Breakfast Joints

4. Lulu's of Commerce

LuLu's is a favorite local hangout for sure, and for good reason! They earn their spot on this list every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — but, I think their breakfast really sets them apart. Even with as busy as they are on Saturday and Sunday mornings, my food always come out fast, hot and satisfying... just what I need after a night out on the town!

Promising review on Google:

"I love Lulu it was awesome. Great experience, great customer service. Super busy for a Saturday morning but it was well staffed and our food came out within minutes. My husband totally wants to make this our monthly breakfast spot. What a great choice." -Nina S.

Visit Lulu's of Commerce:

1001 Welch Rd #114, Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48390

(248) 669-1937

Casual Dining

Top 10 best commerce mi restaurants
Sidecar Slider Bar in Commerce, MI

5. Uptown Grille

Uptowne Grill is one of the largest restaurants on this list, perfect for big groups. Its menu is huge, too, so everyone is sure to find something they'll like. It's also a hot spot for 20 and 30-somethings to hang out in the evening because of the expansive bar, dance floor and live music!

Promising review on Trip Advisor:

"Was in Detroit for business for 4 days. Dined here every night! The menu, although big, has something for everyone. Every night I tried something different. A must-try place to eat." -Gayle N.

Visit Uptown Grille:

3100 E West Maple Rd, Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48390

(248) 960-3344 | Website

6. Kickstand Brewing Company

When you approach Kickstand Brewing Company from the parking lot, you don't expect much. But, the rustic-industrial ambiance and what they've got cookin' in the back are sure to surprise you! They feature elevated pub fare made with local ingredients and incredible house microbrews.

Promising review on Google:

"In town for business, I'm from Portland Oregon were we have many breweries. I was very impressed with the beers I had — especially your IPA’s, Porter, and Cream ale. Your food was exceptional as well. I had the burger and salad with homemade ranch. Will most likely come back before I leave and have the rest of your beers. Also your bar staff was great!" -Greg W.

Visit Kickstand Brewing Company:

3050 Union Lake Rd #4a, Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48382

(248) 301-5941 | Website

7. Sidecar Slider Bar

One of the more unique restaurants on this list, Sidecar Slider Bar offers a ton of eccentric flavor combinations that will keep you coming back for more. I mean, who doesn't like fried food and sliders?!

Promising review on Google:

"Nothing but excellent service and food. Sliders are amazing, waffle fries are exceptional, loaded tots were fantastic, fried pickles are outstanding, and the service is suburb. Will definitely be back again and again." -Ahna W.

Visit Sidecar Slider Bar:

2215 Haggerty Road, Commerce Township, MI 48390

(248) 863-2700 | Website

8. Epic Pizzeria

Pizza is a staple in my life that I can't live without, and I'm lucky that Epic Pizzeria isn't far from home. My personal favorites are the 'California' and the 'Epic Supreme'. They toss a serious pie, y'all!

Promising review on Yelp:

"Delicious! Try the Jo-Jo's! We got 3 different types of pizza, one Epic Supreme, one Caprise, and one custom. The bread was fresh and tasty. The meats were cooked perfectly. The veggies and basil were all fresh and delicious." -Elise E.

Visit Epic Pizzeria:

2510 Union Lake Rd, Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48382

(248) 363-7000 | Website

9. Wilson's Pub 'N Grill

Wilson's is a warm and inviting space with a lot of TVs for watching the game and great pub fare. It's always full of guys at the bar and families at tables having a good time.

Promising review on Facebook:

"Great food and ambiance on the patio with fireplace on a chilly night! Will go back for sure and enjoy another fantastic Bloody Mary! Nice job, Wilson’s!" -Maureen L.

Visit Wilson's Pub 'N Grill:

2256 Union Lake Rd, Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48382

(248) 363-1849 | Website

10. CJ's Brewery

CJ's was around way before opening microbreweries became trendy and has stood the test of time, which I think that speaks volumes about its consistency and the quality of its food and service. I can't say enough good things about their pizza, too. Love the deep dish!

Promising review on Google: "Excellent brews and food! Each night there is a special. I really like the all you can eat fish on Friday ... Burgers, sweet potato fries and pizza are also items that I like to order." -Stacie J.

Visit CJ's Brewery:

8115 Richardson Rd, Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48390

(248) 366-7979 | Website

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